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Mybooklo acts as an intermediate between user and educator.

MyBookLo is the Platform including educators who are also contributors to user content on the mybooklo platform.

Mybooklo platform includes all the aspects of the website and apps which include but is not limited to the product software and service offered via the mybooklo platform such as mybooklo online platform other services or apps that mybooklo introduce from the time to time

Mybooklo is online platform that supports and facilities for the online creation of educational videos or tutorials by the uses of mybooklo platform.

Mybooklo acts as an intermediate between user and educator. An educator may create a video and e-book tutorial by using mybooklo platform such content uploaded through the use of mybooklo platform. Educator can upload his/ her notes and videos from our educator panel. Educators have all the right to delete, update or change the price of his/her product (e-books, videos and courses)

Users can access all the followed educator notes and videos from the mybooklo app and he/she can also buy the notes, videos and courses from mybooklo app.